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Liquid Authoring

Liquid Authoring is a blank slate with all of the tools you need to create incredible HTML 5 content for both your e-learning courses and for your presentations. It's a browser based application that eliminates the need for any other authoring tools. We know this has been said before, we've heard the slogans...but, truly, this is the one tool to rule them all! 

If you've been around the block in the ever-expanding world of e-learning authoring tools and presentation tools you know that there are A LOT of tools out there that conform to the way software works, not the way you work. 

We started out as a group of e-learning consultants and content developers who kept searching for the next best thing. The marketplace is full of tools that are decent enough tools, but don't quite hit the mark when it comes to a true online media library, drag-and-drop asset manipulation or affordability.

So we created our own!

An authoring tool with SCORM compatibility, has a cloud-based media library and is TOTALLY HTML 5 compliant. Reasonably priced. We are offering an extended FREE trial in which you can create whatever your heart desires and you can keep all of it, regardless of whether you end up purchasing the tool or not. 

GIve it a try...we promise it won't hurt!

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