Mobile and Tablet Friendly Learning Management System

Does your Learning Management System work as well as you would like it to with tablets and mobile devices?  If you answered "No" you really need to evaluate the LMS market asap!  If you answered "Yes", then there are 2 categories you most likely fall into.

Mobile and Tablet Optimized

The first category is that the LMS does indeed show and play on tablets and mobile devices but the experience is not that great.  You have to constantly zoom in and out to see the content and move from one page to another.  
The other group of people that say "Yes", have the ability in their LMS to see and experience the LMS without having to zoom in and out. Their LMS adjusts to the screen size of the device used to view it.  This experience not only works on all devices but it is optimized for use on all devices!!!  The LMS will adjust and dynamic realign all content to sit in a screen that looks great and then allows the viewer to simply scroll down the page to view the content.  

The images above are examples of our LMS, specifically the dashboard.  The first image is the LMS as viewed on a desktop or laptop.  The second and third images are the same LMS page as viewed through a mobile device and a tablet.  Notice that the content does not just look a little smaller but the dynamic realignment literally changes the layout so that the learner can simply scroll up or down the page.  (No zooming required!)

Here are more examples of the dynamic realignment in our LMS (Course Page and Calendar Page).

If you would like to see more please check us out and ask about our Content Management System that is strategically build into the LMS.


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