When you put your courses online for sale, are you able to dynamically price your courses based on the individual seeing them?  If not, then you are missing out!  One of the really great and undervalued aspects to the Landmark eLearning LMS is the ability to offer a course to your audience with a price that is unique to each user.

If you are a company that trains your vendors or sells courses to your clients, we all know that locking in a flat price for all the people you work with is not flexible or realistic in today's world.  All sorts of factors go into pricing including the negotiation skills of different companies to get the best deal, as well as name recognition of certain brands with whom you work. Another big factor is the sheer size in terms of number of purchases that a company may approach you with.  Being flexible is the name of the game when it comes to pricing because one size does not fit all.

LMS Variable Pricing

What the Landmark eLearning LMS allows for is an easy to use and easy to understand way for you to adjust this variable pricing at any time you wish.  You can also go in and add pricing structures at any time, there are no restrictions.  Take a look at the image below and see how easy it is to change, modify and update the pricing of a course to your different learners.


What you can see is that the seat price for this course is $19.95 for everyone.  If you are in the system and are a person who works for AT&T then you are able to purchase the course for discounted price of $18.  If you worked for Toyota then the same course would cost you $15.  As you click on the "+" icon it will continually add rows for you to pick the client or department that is in the LMS and assign that department or client learners a sales price to the course.  You can see that Landmark has an open value waiting to be filled.  This will be the cost of the course to all Landmark learners - just type it in.

This feature serves all companies who sell their courses in an extremely valuable and flexible way.  Now your LMS can be as flexible on the pricing as your clients' needs are. If you think that this might work, please feel free to reach out to us and we can show you even more flexibility when it comes to processing payments, determining coupons for discounts and more.  


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