Sell Your Courses with Landmark eLearning LMS

So you want a great LMS to use at your company and need to come up with creative ways to pay for it?  One way of thinking is to have the LMS pay for itself by building in a revenue model.  Sell your courses to your existing learners or sell courses to an all new audience that you may never have thought about in that way.   

Revenue Model

More and more of the companies we work with are looking into increasing their revenue via their LMS.  Depending on their business, these paying learners come into the system in a variety of ways.  These people who are buying courses may be vendors, partners or even clients.  For companies selling courses to their direct clients, this is a simple process.  List the course in the catalog and put a price to it, then let people buy it.  The interface has been updated and now looks like this.

computer image.JPG

The same shopping cart is now optimized to fit on tablets and on mobile devices, so now anyone can purchase a course from anywhere!

iphone image.JPG

The changes to the shopping cart interface are exciting and now we feel match the capabilities that the shopping cart has always had.  If a company comes to you and wants to purchase several views of a course for their learners, there is a voucher system which allows that company to buy all the views it needs and pass them to their learners, all without needing to make a call to you.  Yet another way to accommodate your partners or vendors is to allow them to give you a purchase order and then you assign the correct people the course paid for.  We have many different ways of handling a payment and feel that a shopping cart that is flexible enough to match the way you want to sell is key to the success of anyone who wants revenue generated from the LMS.  Please let us know if you are interested in a demo by filling out the form on this page. 


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