Landmark eLearning HTML 5 LMS Key Features:



eLearning and Mobile Learning

Our LMS is designed for the efficient creation and delivery of self-paced online learning, mobile learning, live instructor-led events, and blended learning programs. Our LMS can automate the entire learning management process, from learner registration, to enrollment, tracking and reporting, communication, certification, and beyond.



The award-winning LMS user interface can be designed to effectively project your brand by respecting your style guidelines. You can even modify the language of all the prompts learners will see to reflect your organizational culture or regional dialect. So if you’d like the system to say “You’re awesome!” instead of “Congratulations,” you can do that.


Innovative User Experience

Our LMS contains an innovative and responsive, HTML 5-based user interface that adapts to different hardware devices, from conventional desktops and laptops to tablets, such as iPads, and smartphones. Supported platforms include:





Our is being used by hundreds of organizations, big, medium, and small. Some of our clients serve as few as a couple of hundred learners. Others use it to manage very large initiatives of more than 350,000 learners.
So, don’t worry. Our platform won’t break as your needs grow.


Competitive Pricing

Our isn’t the least expensive learning management system. After all, there are free open-source systems you can try. But when you factor in the time, effort, and cost related to configuring other systems and attempting to use them to manage your learning initiatives, we think we provide good value.

Hosted or Installed


Our LMS is a single, super-stable codebase that’s highly configurable, with features turned on or off as needed.
Using Our LMS hosted is quick and easy. You don’t need to worry about IT infrastructure, server configuration, bandwidth requirements, backups, viruses, etc. You can be up and running with a live portal in as little as four weeks.

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